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Ruud west provides masterful guidance in the journey to our inner place of vision. His work as a life coach has been a tremendous boost to my own ability to find and to live in the truth of my higher self. For that I am deeply grateful.

S.N., Loveland, CO

I have worked in processes with Ruud and found him to be very trustworthy. He has many technologies to access deeper ranges of the human psyche and uses them efficiently and with gentle hand.

L.F., Loveland, CO

I can truly say that my recent experience with moving through some deep and life-long issues was skillfully guided by the masterful work of Ruud West. His gentle yet strong presence provided a totally safe and trusting place in which I could explore my innermost fears. At times when I was totally within myself and my darkness, his voice was there like a beacon guiding me through the darkness and fears. As I was ready to move past my fears, he was there to help me find my strength within to reach out and re-enter the light.

I cannot imagine a more safe and supportive way to move through and beyond the deep rooted life-long fears that so many of us carry than through the life coaching process with Ruud. 

S.F., Loveland, CO

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