Source Life-coaching offers a safe container where you can explore and experience any area of your life and transform old traumas. The coach will travel with you in the inner realms and guide you in a process of self-healing in the places where the energy is blocked—the places of pain, grief and anger.

The journey through life is to find our destiny/mission.

What creative work will bring fulfillment to your life?

To bring the fullness in work and relationship, we have to explore who we are—“What are your gifts and what is your greatest potential?”

How do we merge with the core of our Being, finding balance and stability—that core of Being wherefrom we can create, so that life flows in a natural and effortless way? What keeps us from stepping into our fullest potential? Self-sabotage, with repeating patterns and limiting beliefs, rooted in old wounds, keeps us from fulfillment and happiness.

Your coach will guide you in facing these experiences and assuming authority, so that these old patterns and energy are freed, and integration takes place.


This will give you the opportunity to turn your blockages into gifts, to release the hidden treasure in the wound. Deep healing will take place, and neglected and lost parts will be integrated. That experience will lead to real and lasting change.

You will receive the tools to maintain this new state of growth.

All aspects of the human being are involved: the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

There are fast breakthroughs in transformation; seven sessions is usually the maximum that is needed.

Ruud West is available for Holistic Life-Coaching in the Netherlands, and worldwide through Skype and telephone. Trough his international cultural experience and practice in different spiritual traditions he is coaching people from all religious and cultural backgrounds.

Ruud West is beschikbaar in Nederland voor Holistiche Life-Coaching.

Ter orientatie wordt er een gratis introducerend gesprek va 30 min. aangeboden.


This work is for people who:
have been on their path and are looking to deepen their experience
have unclarity about life goals and direction
find unfulfillment in relationships
are having problems in work and career
experience continuing feelings of grief, pain, frustration and anger
are seeking spiritual direction



Ruud west provides masterful guidance in the journey to our inner place of vision. His work as a life coach has been a tremendous boost to my own ability to find and to live in the truth of my higher self. For that I am deeply grateful.

S.N., Loveland, CO

I have worked in processes with Ruud and found him to be very trustworthy. He has many technologies to access deeper ranges of the human psyche and uses them efficiently and with gentle hand.

L.F., Loveland, CO

I can truly say that my recent experience with moving through some deep and life-long issues was skillfully guided by the masterful work of Ruud West. His gentle yet strong presence provided a totally safe and trusting place in which I could explore my innermost fears. At times when I was totally within myself and my darkness, his voice was there like a beacon guiding me through the darkness and fears. As I was ready to move past my fears, he was there to help me find my strength within to reach out and re-enter the light.

I cannot imagine a more safe and supportive way to move through and beyond the deep rooted life-long fears that so many of us carry than through the life coaching process with Ruud. 

S.F., Loveland, CO

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