A Weekend Intensive for Personal Empowerment

A journey into the vast inner landscape to access the true power of the Self, connecting with one’s source and core-qualities.
Listen to the call of your destiny to manifest your true potential in life:

Why did I come in this life?
What is my assignment?
What is the task I chose?

You will experience the realms of light on the mountaintops and explore the dark valleys of your life.

We work with the Tree of Life.
In the caves between the roots of our subconscious, we will discover the dragon that guards the pearl/treasure that is rightfully ours to conquer.
We will explore the patterns and forces that keep us from being who we really are and sabotage what we want to manifest in our life.
We will face the dragon and develop a strategy to take our pearl out of the realms of shadow, freeing the energy that was blocked in our old self-limiting patterns—facing and healing the old wounds in the deep roots of life.
We will embark on a journey to wholeness, where we will integrate our shadow and our light—our disassociated, fragmented parts).



You will access your inner guidance: your power-helpers.

When we touch the Spirit of creation we will experience the magic of the inner and outer landscape coming together in synchronicity.We will step through the door to a freer, expanded self-expression, to our “birth-right.”
In this time of rapid social and spiritual change, old securities are falling apart.We will step through the door to a freer, expanded self-expression, to our “birth-right.”


In this time of rapid social and spiritual change, old securities are falling apart.
Looking for security in the outer world (in the old way) doesn’t work anymore.
The result is insecurity and discomfort in work- and life-situations.
Real security will be found only within ourselves.
This journey is an exploration of these inner resources, finding our hidden power and core qualities.

We work with:

The Tree of Life in the under-, middle- and upper-world
The archetypes of sovereign, lover, warrior and magician
Chi exercises
Meeting of inner and outer landscape
Spiritual and shamanistic methods
Creative visualization and expression
Metaphors and power-symbols

The intensive offers a sacred, safe, nonjudgmental space that enables you to go within and explore these themes.


People who have been on their path and are looking to deepen the experience
Healing and change in unfulfilling relationships
Finding new direction and inspiration in life
Change in unsatisfying work situations
Healing of old wounds and blocked frustration
Changing limiting belief systems
Opening doors to passion and purpose
Receiving tools for empowerment
Tools for self-healing
Freeing authentic potential
Finding the pearl that the dragon is protecting
Connecting with one’s authentic source

I have attended many courses around the world and was impressed with the atmosphere of safety provided by the faculty for the participants to do some deep heart-work. Each person that attended voiced that they were able to delve deep into sensitive areas. Ruud has an incredible ability to lead individuals through their areas of woundedness and to contact reservoirs of unresolved grief and pain, and then to offer a process to aid in bringing clarity and resolution.
K. A., Loveland, CO

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