Shamanism is a discipline and art to connect with the inner realms, where different levels of consciousness can be experienced and worked with. Working with Spirit and energy gives the opportunity of more effective ways of healing. Healing, in this context, means bringing wholeness by inviting disintegration back into the integrated level of the original design.
Several spiritual traditions and indigenous cultures have protected and stewarded these precious knowledge and art.

The Western world of science has now started opening up to these other levels of reality. The psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, was one of the pioneering scientists who courageously explored the subconscious areas of the human psyche. These give us access to collective archetypal forces that can be applied for healthy living. The science of quantum mechanics proved that there is a connection between the world of consciousness and matter. Quantum physics has proven that the observer influences the observed entity.


Life situations and physical conditions have their origin in the inner realms of energy, feelings / emotions, thoughts, and Spirit. Shamanic work gives the opportunity for “out of the box’ experiences bringing understanding and change to old life patterns.

The Shaman has the capacity of inner observation, and traveling in “the inner landscape” The Shaman can observe and supports the transformation of “Inner space” of people with great respect for their inner privacy and their own inherent power to heal themselves. He has the ability to hold the sacred space to heal the inner world, and through that the outer form. The guidance comes from Spirit and the soul being of the client.

Rijks Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands. Biology degree Drs. in: Brain research and consciousness, didactics and philosophy of science.
Nieuw Elan (new spirit): education in project-management and “train the trainer and coach"
Phoenix Career Counselors: training in career counseling
Louis Allen Associates: education in management training and consulting
Kramer and Leeuwensztain: training in imaginative techniques, vision-building and laws of creation
Attended numerous professional courses in coaching, management training, interpersonal skills, transpersonal psychology and outdoor-training
Training Dutch Royal Alpine Organization and Deutsche Alpen Verein in mountaineering
Qi gong under Michael Hynes
Attunement energy work under Roger deWinton and Bob Ewing
Training with traditional Lakota medicine people in the spiritual discipline of shamanistic techniques
Facilitator of The Oxford Centre of Excellence UK: S.E-Asia Branch.

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