Fast change and high pressure in organizations require high performance from managers and employees.
23% of a manager’s time is spent in conflict resolution.

Source supports using the pressure as an opportunity to open deeper levels of power and inner resources. This assists people to move through crucial changes in a creative way. Personal growth and expansion of vision and capacities are vital in these cycles. Well-guided cycles of transition can lead to a release of creativity, passion and increased productivity.

Signposts for the state of health of an organization are:-

Is the free-flowing life force in the organization increasing or decreasing?
Are the people excited by change or is there a pattern of “digging into safe positions”?
Is there openness by employees to new ideas, or resistance and sabotage?

The power and productivity of an organization grow by:-

having the right atmosphere for the growth of human potential
creating a container of safety and trust, where people can express the core of themselves freely
working with shared vision and inspiration
stewarding ownership in the organization
facilitating a free-flowing life force in the organization


Technologies for empowerment
Career coaching and development
Management and leadership tools
Working with resistance on the threshold of change
Creating safe ritual space for transformation
Breakthrough processes of growth
Enhancing the free-flowing life force
Creating momentum by attraction to “the new”
Empowerment of the individual and team
Following a natural rhythm of change
Uncovering the “hidden design of what wants to manifest”
Discovering the “hidden gold” in forces of resistance

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